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In many enterprises, SAP® Business Suite applications are among the most highly valued and widely used in the company. Without precise knowledge of SAP license use, organizations risk costly, unexpected bills after true-ups and inefficient deployments – increasing the cost of their SAP investment.

With FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite, organizations can centrally monitor and analyze their SAP license usage to help ensure accurate and appropriate licensing. It provides insight into employee SAP use, allowing organizations to better plan and budget for future SAP purchases.

With Flexnet Manager for SAP Business Suite also helps enterprises accurately chargeback software expenses internally based on actual use and more easily monitor and demonstrate licensing compliance.

The application is a key component of FlexNet Manager Suite. This enterprise license optimization solution helps businesses gain unprecedented insight into software usage trends that align with unique contract terms and accurately forecast future needs across a wide range of applications.

More Accurately Budget for Future Needs

As organizations grow and change, license needs become a moving target. Until now, enterprises have had a limited view into SAP usage, forcing them to perform many manual, error-prone steps or make costly guesses about license needs and budgets.

FlexNet Manager centralizes and automates the collection of SAP license usage. The solution analyzes actual user behavior based on the length of time used, authorization roles, and module usage – allowing organizations to obtain the insight they need to accurately budget for future needs and ensure there are no unbudgeted surprises following a true-up.

Classify Licenses Correctly

The boundaries between the various SAP license types are unclear and the user classification is often left to an administrator who has little information to determine which license type any given user should be assigned. FlexNet Manager takes the confusion out of SAP license classification. It not only uncovers who uses licenses and to what extent, but also helps organizations assign each user to the most accurate named user category in compliance with the SAP contract.

The solution can also check the current license types of users and automatically recommend an optimal reclassification, based on custom settings and the way each individual uses the SAP system. As a result, enterprises may identify the classification strategy that results in the most efficient licensing ratio for their company and accurately budget for renewals.

Reliably Assess Compliance

As organizations evolve, license compliance status can become a complex issue, especially following a merger or acquisition. FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite enables organizations to monitor compliance reliably by easily checking actual usage against the entitlements of their SAP contracts. Administrators also receive timely alerts in the event of impending contract violations, allowing them to proactively budget for additional purchases, if necessary, and ensure proper coverage.

Minimize Duplicate and Idle Licenses

Due to mergers and acquisitions, companies may not have uniform user IDs in place so several user names may be assigned to one person. By removing duplicate users from the system and allocating idle licenses where they are needed, organizations can avoid the excess costs of over-licensing and empower procurement with data to support contract negotiations.


Ease Annual Reporting
Preparing for SAP true-ups can be an exhaustive process. FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite minimizes the effort needed to conduct an audit by automating the collection and consolidation of user and engine usage information. By eliminating duplicate users and reclaiming unused licenses, organizations can ensure a more accurate and relevant SAP measurement.

Create Reports for Management
FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite provides management summaries at the click of button. An intelligent overview lets organizations compare target and actual license usage, which supports strategic decision-making. Moreover, it enables cost allocation by department, business unit, country, etc., based on the extent of their actual usage.


Launch License Manager within SAP

Enterprises can quickly install and begin using FlexNet Manager for
SAP Business Suite. Users simply access the Flexera Software solution right from the familiar SAP interface. The user interface provides a single point of control, while graphics provide an at-a-glance understanding of license status.